Wednesday, November 25

All Tied Up

Just had to share this little fun thing while we are away for the holiday....we went out to dinner the other night with my sister-in-law and her husband and our adorable nieces.  They had a balloon artist there making these AMAZING balloon characters.  Not just your standard wiener dog either--he made monkeys hanging out of palm trees, Tinkerbell, Yoda, and my personal favorite (which my little niece also happened to choose), Cinderella:

How fun is that?  He also does birthday parties....I am thinking that could be fun for the Peanut's next birthday!  That's a year from now and hopefully she could appreciate it, right?  :)


Lucy Marie said...

Wow! That is a really incredible balloon! I think Peanut would love that. What a hit for a little girl's birthday party.

Carla said...

:) So fun! :) The girls and I were giggling at poor, deflating Cinderella tonight at bedtime...her skirt is now pants! :) Good memories!


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