Sunday, November 1

Happy Halloween

It was a fun evening. Different, but fun. Previously, at home in SmallTown, we had TONS of trick or treaters. In fact, the first year we were there, I had to make a candy run, as we almost ran out. Not so much here. I did turn on the porch light a little late, as I wanted to finish cleaning up Peanut after dinner and get the kitchen cleaned up, but we didn't get even one!

So the candy (thank goodness I only bought one bag!) went to the folks at DH's work. At least we won't have to eat Nerds and Laffy Taffys. Those were definitely for the kids. DH gave me a hard time the first year we were married, because I bought Almond Joys. He said, "Kids don't like those!" (But, I do!) Since then I have been conscious to get kid friendly candy-Blech!

Here are some pictures of the Peanut from this evening...hats off to Grandma who found her costume for her. The hat with the little antennas (antenni?) wasn't even attempted because 1. It was a little small and 2. It would have never stayed on. But she was still so much fun!

The shoes didn't really stay on for long.

We went to visit the DH at work as he was closing tonight. Unfortunately, I seem to have my Father's affliction for closing my eyes in pictures. Despite my looking three sheets to the wind, this was the best of the bunch as a family pic. This is why I pay good money for professional photographers to get decent pictures of me.

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Lucy Marie said...

What a cute costume. Too bad you didn't get any trick or treaters.


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