Thursday, November 24

A Die Hard I Am Not

Um, yeah.

Thought I would attempt to go to the WalMart Black Friday sale, which started at 10 pm tonight.  I am SO not the early riser, so I thought this would be ideal for someone who just doesn't. do. mornings.

Apparently, so did everyone else in SmallTown.

And I do mean EVERYONE ELSE.  

As in, the WalMart parking lot was FULL, the sides streets were FULL, and the adjacent Home Depot parking was FULL and crowds were trucking across the street from the Home Depot towards the WalMart. 

Me?  I kept on driving.

They had some good deals and all (obviously good enough to get me out) but not enough for me to walk five blocks, in the cold, by myself, in the dead of night to attain them.

As I was driving home, I was thinking about years past and my previous Black Friday excursions.  First off, this is the first year I've ever been out this "early."  The earliest I've ever been in years past was about 6 AM.  Second, I forget that this is the only WalMart for like a hundred mile radius (you think I'm kidding!).  Back in HomeTown, there are dozens of stores in the metropolitan area for the crazies to choose from.  Third, in my years past when I have gone, I've never got out of my car and waited in line.  All the other people didn't either, they all waited in their cars where it was warm and then, when the employee unlocking the doors, you got out of your car and walked calmly inside.  Not here, apparently.  You bring lawn chairs and ear muffs and look every bit the part of a nut. 

And I was more than a little disappointed to come home empty handed.  I had high hopes of getting the Peanut a sweet little bike that will be under the tree for her on Christmas morning.  And with my savings, I would have been able to squeeze in a few other treats for her.

I keep on thinking I will try again later this weekend.....

But if tonight was any indication of what the rest of the weekend will be like, perhaps not! 

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