Saturday, November 19

But It's a DRY Cold

That was said in the same tone as "Oh, but it's a dry heat."  I used to think that was so silly.  You know those people that said 120 degree summer days were fine because it's a "dry heat."

Really?  'Cause I just don't buy it. 

Then we moved here to SmallTown.  Although it's not quite the dessert, it might as well be, considering where we moved from.  We went from 50-60 inches annual rainfall to like 10.  Yes, it's much drier here in SmallTown.

And that dryness?

Makes all the difference when it comes to being cold.  

It gets cold here in SmallTown.  Like really cold.  We will go for weeks at a time without getting above freezing.  And it's that way for a greater part of the winter here.

Now in Hometown?  Not so much.  It's a much milder winter.  Snow it a treat there--depending on how you look at it of course!  It's certainly not an every week occurrence like it is here.

But it's wet.  It's rainy.  It's gray and cloudy and damp 

A lot.

But that's what makes the Pacific Northwest famous for being so pretty and picturesque and green

It never occurred to me (or Hubs for that matter) that the dampness was the major reason why I was so cold all the time in HomeTown.

Until we went home for our first visit after we moved here in late 2009.

This was the extent of the snow packing was super dry snow. 

During our visit, I remember laying in bed one night and I could. not. get. warm.  My feet were like ice cubes.  Hubs and I were discussing it later on our long drive home.  I made the comment that in SmallTown, it is oftentimes 20-30 degrees colder than in HomeTown, but it doesn't ever feel that cold.

That's when it hit us.  It's because the dampness makes it feel colder.  It's not damp in SmallTown, so it doesn't ever feel that cold.  And don't get me wrong--it is cold here, but it's rarely that take your breath away cold like it is HomeTown.  

Now that I've lived in a place where humidity {read dampness} is not a major factor?  I am a *little* more understanding when they say it's a dry heat {or cold}.   

And Peanut?  She is loving all that white stuff we've had this week--whether snowballs can be made or not!

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