Saturday, November 19

Tried It & Loved It: On Hiatus

Well, my Tried It & Loved It posts have been sporadic (at best) lately, haven't they?  I do apologize for the inconsistency over the last several weeks.  No recipe one week, a new recipe the next, no picture the week after that.....  Although I truly hoped to make it a full year (which would be in January) of doing these posts week after week, I just don't think I can make that happen right now.

We have lots of exciting changes with our family in these next few months (which I promise to elaborate more on in the next few weeks) and I am very preoccupied with all those details.  Throw in a rambunctious three old (and soccer class and tumbling class), a few (big!) holidays, and a trip back to HomeTown next month..... and well, that's just a whole lot to juggle.

To put it simply: My family has to come first.

Phew......I feel so much better getting that off my chest!

Now, I hope to continue to post new Tried It & Loved It recipes starting up again after the new year, but they probably won't occur each and every week.

But they still will occur on nice of me to leave one thing the same, right?

I know, I know, the things I do....

Anywho, I just didn't want to leave the handful of you out there who impatiently waited week after week for my Tried It & Loved It posts.   

Snicker, snicker. 

Hopefully this will provide that much needed closure. 

Oh, how I kid....

Okay, I promise I'll stop.


Right now. 

For reals, this time. 


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