Thursday, December 1

Big Changes

I've hinted once or twice in the last couple of weeks about some changes happening around here.  It will all be clear in the next few paragraphs as to why all the secrecy around my hints, but no saying of what was actually going on.  

Finally......the big secret?   We are moving back to Hometown!

Can I hear an AMEN?  

When we moved here almost two and half years ago, we knew it would be temporary.  In the fall of 2009, Hubs was going back to work for his former (at the time, but now current) employer, and we were only moving out of the area because SmallTown is where the closest open position was available at the time.  They asked him to make a commitment of two years.  This past spring (in early April) he made mention to his higher-ups of wanting to get back to our Hometown, preferably by the fall--before winter--because who wants to move in the winter?  They said sure, okay, BUT we need to find a replacement for you before we let you leave.  Um, okay.   (This was my response--not Hubs.  He is SO much more diplomatic than I.)  Needless to say I was less than thrilled.....I was ready to start packing right. then. and there.

So fast forward, six, agonizing months.  (No, honestly, it wasn't that bad.  I stopped thinking incessantly about moving sometime in the month of May.)  In October, we started to get hopeful once again.  A gal had interviewed for Hub's position and there was a possibility they would be offering her the position.  Then Hubs got a call from his regional manager asking him what his preferences were for a restaurant back in Hometown.  Unlike here in SmallTown, where this is the only location for hundreds of miles, in Hometown, there are over a dozen locations of the restaurant--obviously some being more preferable than others (distance from our home, etc.).  Hubs told him his preferences and the next day, Hubs was told he would be starting back in Hometown at the end of January.  That quick little turn around was far sooner than either of us had expected, as we thought we would wouldn't hear anything further for weeks and that it would be sometime in the spring that we could be potentially moving.  But of course, we jumped at the chance and started making mental plans of moving right away!

This was all at the beginning of November.  So why wait until now for the big reveal?  Well, because our landlord knows about my blog (although I have no idea if she reads it regularly or not!) and we hadn't given our official notice to her and her husband until this afternoon.  We wanted to give the new hire at Hubs' restaurant a chance to start training and make sure she was going to work out before we gave our official notice.  So finally, after much waiting, today was the day.

Why, no, patience is not something I came across easily.  Why do you ask?

 It is actually starting to feel real now.  We are going down to Hometown next week (for our second annual Thanksmas celebration) and we are going to be bringing a moving truck with us with all of our stuff in our garage.  Remember our two moving trucks last time?  This is all to help in lightening the load next month for the final move. 

My Dad, as well as Hubs' mom and brother will be flying up in January to help us load up and make the big caravan home once again.  What a blessing!

As far as the logistics~we will be moving in with my parents temporarily.  We have current renters in our home and their lease isn't up until the end of March.  Legally, (I *think*) we could give them notice to vacate, however we don't really feel that is fair.  We have asked them to make a 12 month commitment to us, so the least we could do is honor the same thing from our end.  We will have a better idea in January as to what their plans are (when they signed the lease, they had mentioned moving south to where her parents are) and God willing, we hope to be living in our house once again by the end of this spring!

We are so, so, so excited!  God is faithful and we are excited for this transition back to our Hometown where we will live close to family once again.  I look forward to Peanut being able to play with my parent's neighbors little ones and my friend's little ones who are about the same age.  I also look forward to Peanut having a big ol' yard to play in (at least at my parents)--rather than having to pack up and go to the park several times a week, we will just be able to drive over to Grandma and Grandpa's instead, which will be just 10 minutes away!  Finally, I look forward to living in our home once again, the one that Hubs and I purchased together the first year we were married.  The home that we Hubs (as well as my Dad) put lots of work into, making our humble little house a home we were proud of. 

And who am I kidding?  Hubs and I are both excited to be able to have a date night once and a while every week! Hopefully Grandma and Grandpa (as well as aunties, uncles, and cousins) will be willing to oblige!

We humbly ask for your prayers during this transition that is both exciting and uncertain (in some ways) for our little family.

Blessings to each of you during this Christmas season,  


Lucy Marie said...

Prayers for you!

Katie said...

Wow, that is big news! Will pray that all the new adjustments with work and living spaces will go as smoothly as possible.


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