Wednesday, December 7

Moving Back Home: First Round

We should be on our way home for Thanksmas when this post posts. We (and I use that term very loosely) spent Tuesday night loading up the UHaul with all our non-necessities.  Which of course, begs the question that if we've done without all these items for nearly two and a half years, do we really even need this stuff?  Well, some yes, some no.  Yes, because here we were living in quite a smaller space (read: 2 bedroom, just a living room in our rental, compared to our house, which has three bedrooms, a living and family room and dining room) so those items were simply being reserved for the time we get to move back into our house.  Some no--stuff in boxes that I can't even begin to tell you what it all is.  Some day I will get to sorting it all out.  In my defense though, about half of the stuff is Hubs, so I am not the only procrastinator when it comes to stuff

Our little Peanut though, has won the prize for accumulating the most since moving here.  When we moved here she had about 3 storage bins of clothes that no longer fit and one large box of toys she was no longer using.  Now?  Well, this is just the stuff that was being stored in her closet and under the bed, which does not even include the many things of hers that were down in the garage (mostly toys and larger items).

Hubs told me as he was huffing and puffing these items down two flights of stairs that next time, we better be praying for a girl, because this accumulation was just a little insane. 

I didn't want to rub on his good graces to remind him that he is the one that determines that.

Probably a good thing.  ;)  


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