Tuesday, December 6

Great Moving Idea!

With the days quickly dwindling as we get ready to move, I have been trying to get lots of stuff packed.  When we moved before, most of my packing material came from my mom and dad, as they subscribed to the local newspaper.  Most know that old newspapers, although inky, make great packing material.   And although we saved most of our boxes (knowing our situation was temporary), we didn't save any of the packing material--as we are pretty limited on storage space.   Plus, we don't subscribe to the newspaper here, so I didn't have any old newspapers laying around for this round of moving. 


I was about *this* close to buying a big roll of white butcher paper from Costco for around $40--I was desperate--and then in a rare moment of brilliance,  I decided to call our local newspaper to see if they had extra newspapers they recycle or get rid of for a discount.  Well, they did me one better.  While they don't have old newspapers, they DO sell the ends of the newspaper rolls that are used during the printing process.  Our local newspaper sells them for $2.00 a roll.  I was a little disappointed when Hubs went and picked up three of them, as they don't look like they have that much paper on them.  But there is WAY more paper on there than it looks like.  And there is no nasty ink which is 100 times better!

We have bought just three rolls and have done a ton of packing already and still have about a roll left.  I think we will need to go get a couple more rolls, but less than $10 for packing material more than works for me!  

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Nicole12hp said...

If you want, I get the paper. I can give you mine.


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