Wednesday, December 21

Last Visit to ChristmasTown

We made our last visit (at least for awhile) up to the ChristmasTown last night. 


It was Peanut's first time up there without being in a stroller.  (See our visits in 2009 and 2010.)  It is usually quite thrilling for her to not be confined, however she fell asleep during the last ten minutes of the drive.  Combine that with the frigid temps outside (despite the lack of snow) and she wasn't at all thrilled.  Especially when it came time to have some pictures taken.


After braving the cold for all of 30 minutes, we headed towards the Starbucks there.  That definitely helped to thaw us out and put a smile on our girls face. 

She's her mama's girl.  


We are definitely going to miss this Christmas tradition. 


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I'm so grateful you keep up with this blog! You are a fantastic Mom & wife! I am so happy for you guys to move home :) It's a blessing to me to see you all grow & follow God's plan for your life. "Peanut" is just Precious! Please sure & tell that Nephew of mine I think he's such a great Hubby/Daddy and he's definitely Rockin' that goatee! :-)
Love you all! <3 XOXO Aloha, Aunty Christy


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