Tuesday, August 30

Weekend Recap ~ Last Swimming of the Summer

Our wonderful, gracious landlord let us come over to go swimming again this weekend.  It was most likely the last of swimming for the summer, as the weather is starting to cool.  We will be gone all of next week, so by the time we get back, the pool will no longer be refreshingly cool, but disturbingly cold. 


I am very much ready for fall, but the change in seasons is always a little bittersweet.  Ya' know? 

Peanut has had SO much fun this summer at our landlord's.  I love it too because it wears her out SO much and Peanut just crashes at bed time after we come home from spending the afternoon at our landlord's.  Plus, we have cold winters here so I am not looking forward to finding things to do that don't involve frigid temps and still use up Peanut's enormous amounts of energy. 

Anyhow, this weekend was hot, hot, hot and Peanut got to swim her little heart out.  She has made so much progress too.  At the beginning of summer she was scared to be in the water without hanging on to mommy or daddy.  Fast forward three months and she is now completely confident with just floaties.  Of course, one of us is in the pool with her at all times, but she is no longer a barnacle.  In addition, this girl got over her fear of jumping in the pool holding on to our hands and is now completely confident to jump to us--with no hands required!

Me?  I got to sit back and watch the loves of my life play while sipping my favorite drink and plan my menu for the week.

I don't think it gets much better. 


Carla Renee said...

SO cute! What a big girl! LOVE the photos as always...especially the last one! Great job! :) Can't wait to see you guys!!!!

Katie said...

How cool that she made so much progress this summer and is more confident in the water. And wow, your landlord sure has a pretty yard!

Anonymous said...

Oh my...be still my heart! I love seeing and reading that Peanut loves the water! I only wish I could spend summers with her so I could help instruct and guide her to become a confident little guppy just like Flounder or Auntie. :)


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