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And Somehow I Lived to Tell About It: The Final Chapter

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As I said previously, I took every opportunity on our trip to take family pictures.  You see, this was the most recent family picture that we had:

This was from Christmas 2004.  We have had a few more additions since then!

My in-laws have a really cool old barn on their property so we took advantage of it and the natural light outside for an impromptu photo shoot of the entire family.  Aside from my glowing shirt (note to self: don't wear white next time) and two littles that didn't look at the camera, I'd say we have a keeper! 

We had a family picnic at the park on our last night there and Peanut's Grandma bought all the girls matching outfits so we snuck in a few more [posed] photos....but good thing, because I didn't seem to get any of all four of them together prior to that!

Daddy also played a game of catch with his brother and then Peanut decided to join in the fun as well.  Notice the tongue biting once again.  Some things never change

One last pic with the Grandma and Grandpa and the trip was nearly over. 

However, we had the final day of air plane rides to conquer first.  And it was the biggest feat too, because between our two flights we had nearly a FOUR hour layover.  With a two and half year old.  The first leg of the trip went fine (well, except for going through security again, which was traumatic once again.  Plus, a careless Mommy left some of the luggage stacked very poorly [read: top heavy], which fell on top of one little Peanut.  Peanut escaped with two small minor bruises, but I still felt absolutely terrible!).

We got to the airport in which we had our layover and took potty breaks, found a table that was big enough for us and all our belongings, paid a ridiculous price for lunch, ate said lunch and then we still had about three hours and 15 minutes to kill before our final flight.  So Hubs took the first trip taking Peanut, who was taking Dolly for a walk with the stroller.

They were gone for about 10 minutes.

I was up next to entertain the Peanut while Hubs camped out with the luggage.  I took Peanut for a walk around the opposite wing of the airport and Peanut and I came across the most wonderful site to see.

A play land for children just Peanut's size.

Peanut was so excited and asked immediately if we could go in there.  I said sure, but immediately thought to go round up Hubs and all our stuff, otherwise I knew I wouldn't be able to tear her away.

Bless the airport designers architects who thought to include this.

And really, this shows how much I have learned to let go.  This is coming from a self proclaimed germophobic mom. The children were required to take their shoes off in the play land, people.

And I still let her play.  Yes, I still wiped her down fully with wipes and disinfectant when we were done, but 18 months ago, I would have never even let her set foot in there. 

Baby steps.

So she played to her little heart's content and Hubs snuck off to get us some coffee.  We proceeded to sip on coffee while watching Peanut play and before we knew it, it was time for our final flight. 

I got off easy with the three prior flights, as Hubs sat next to Peanut each time.  However with the final flight, it was my turn.  But he had already broke her in and the excitement of the past six days was catching up quickly with our little girl.

And she was out before our flight even left the ground. 

A very special thank you to Hubs' Mom & Dad, along with his brother, for a wonderful family vacation.  

We love you guys!


Mason + Lauren Young said...

I was anxiously awaiting the third part!! Looks like you had a blast together. What special memories you will have. Glad you had a fun and safe trip :)

Anonymous said...

Many great photos, looks like you all had lots of fun!


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