Friday, August 12

The View From Here

My poor, sweet, innocent girl has no idea that normal people don't take pictures of their food before it is eaten.  She has an old digital camera of ours (no battery for it, so it's a play camera for her) that she runs and gets every time she sees me pull out my camera to take a picture of some new creation.  And then I am almost always requested to take a picture of her plate before we sit down.  Hopefully therapy won't be too costly....

Please ignore the she-just-had-a-nap-shortly-before-this-picture-was-taken hair. 

She is obsessed with her cell phone lately.  It's a toy one, lest anyone think we are those people.  Anyhow, Daddy made a phone call as he was sitting down to dinner the other night and she had to run and get her pink princess phone. And she proceeded to have a one sided conversation that included, but was not limited to, "Um, yeah [listens] mmmmm, no [listens again] 'kay, bye!"  Followed by a quick shut of the phone and then tossing it on the table.

Really, do I do that?  

Apparently I do.


Oh, and check out Hubs' new goatee in the background.  I finally got him to grow one on our trip.  Corporate changed the rules at his work and now employees are allowed to have facial hair.  Verdict?   

Me likey.  

A lot. 

Nearly one year after she got her glamorous dress up trunk from Grandma and Grandpa, she is finally fully "into it."  She comes up with all sorts of new and interesting fashion combinations. It's a blast to watch.

Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

She is very much into the markers I picked up for her.  She draws nearly every day.  She's not naughty with them at all, but sometimes she gets a little um, over zealous.  Some got on the table (which is what happens when you color over the same exact spot on the paper 462 times and the ink bleeds through) and she got some on her hand, which she promptly wiped on her shirt.  Oops.  But it washed out no problem.  God bless the chemists that came up with washable ink.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Jackie-finally had a chance to make that recent pork chop-recipe last night-we loved loved loved them! Going to soak them for a couple days in that delish goodness next time around! Yum-o!


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