Tuesday, August 16

Dolly Classifcations

Our girl LOVES her dollies.  Each dolly has a special purpose.  One is her bath dolly.  Another is her dancing dolly (as in Peanut dances with that dolly--the dolly doesn't dance on it's own).  The list goes on and on.  Please keep in mind that these jobs are not mutually exclusive to each dolly, it is merely their primary job function. 

They each have a special name too.  But, as my father-in-law said, Peanut calls things like she sees them and there is no reason to reinvent the wheel in naming dollies.

1.  Meet Big Dolly.
Primary Job Function:  Swimming face down in the pool.  Tries not to appear in danger when floating face down in water.  It's a little creepy, but some dolly has to do it.  Hubs Nickname:  Big D

2.  Meet Pink Dolly.
Primary Job Function:  Peanut's Partner in Crime.  aka Peanut's most frequent sidekick in all non water related activities.  Except dancing-see #4.

3.  Meet Tiny Dolly.
Primary Job Function:  Bath time dolly.  Enough said. 

4.  Meet Rora. [the only dolly with a "real" name.  It's Aurora, the Baby Princess Sleeping Beauty doll]
Primary Job Function:  Dancing Dolly.  Often dances to renditions of Do-Re-Mi, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, and Peanut-written original songs. 

5.  Meet Lellow {Yellow} Dolly.
Primary Job Function: Back Up Dolly.  When all other dollies have been confiscated due to lack of obedience, Lellow Dolly surfaces and provides all needed functions of aforementioned dollies. 

Me and Hubs?  Well, we just love watching every minute of her personality grow.  Except when she is trying to assert her independence being disobedient.

We don't love that.

Ahhh, the joys of a {near} three year old.  

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Anonymous said...

That was too cute, Jackie!


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