Sunday, August 28

Menu Plan Monday

Can't believe we are already on the cusp of fall once again.  The forecast is for a few more hot days this week and then it starts to cool down.  Then, next week we get to go back to Hometown for our second annual birthday/fantasy football draft gala. Oops.....hopefully Hubs doesn't read this.  Gala and fantasy football being in the same sentence might be against "man rules."   Anyhow, by the time we get back the hot weather may be over for this year.  Possibly.....but we always seem to get an Indian Summer, so we shall see.  For this week we will be having:

Sunday-BLTs with garden fresh tomatoes (it really doesn't get any better than this.....), green salad with ranch dressing

Monday-Pappardelle with Corn (didn't get to this last week)

Tuesday-Salisbury Steak (didn't get to this either.....I know), mashed potatoes, green salads

Wednesday-Nachos with chicken and black beans

Thursday-Burgers, oven fries

Friday-Grilled Cheese, macaroni salad


For other great menu ideas, visit the Organizing Junkie

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