Thursday, June 10


Going to the park is nothing new in our house.  In fact, when out and about running errands, any big, green expanse of grass is a "park" to the Peanut.  Even the cloverleaf off of the bridge--yes, that's a park too.  The park we typically go to is just that--a big, green expanse of lawn she can run around on until her little heart's content.  And she loves it.

I am a germ-a-phobe.  I don't want to expose Peanut to other children's germs through playground toys.  Kids cough all over the place, put their hands in their mouth, possibly don't wash their hands after using the potty, wipe their runny noses on their sleeves--or worse, their hands--I am convinced that the playground is a a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses.

Can anyone spell paranoid? Yes, I know. I am trying to get better about not attempting to protect her from everything.   Hubs is so good for me in that much so, that we went to a different park earlier this week--one that has playground toys. 

I felt bad even, as we got to the barkdust covered area with the toys, and Peanut followed me over to the bench.  She didn't even know those toys were for her to play on.  Ouch.  Granted, she is not even two, but still....

So her Daddy showed her all the joys of the playground.  Slides and bridges and climbing--she had lots and lots of fun.

And I tried not to panic. 

No--it was fun to watch Peanut enjoy the playground and observe other kids around her age or a little older. A little while later though, my paranoia did get the better of me.  Two little girls got to the playground who were hacking up lungs coughing something fierce.  Luckily, Peanut was tiring by that point as she hadn't had a nap yet, so we hightailed it out of there it gave us an excuse to leave.  I also got out the haz-mat suit to disinfect her before we put her in the car seat.  Baby steps, right?   One of these days, I'll live on the edge and not wipe her down.   Maybe. 

Oh, and she was asleep within five minutes after we left the park.

It was also a great photo opportunity....all in all, a great day. 


Lucy Marie said...

That's what purell is for :)

Becky said...

Check out this article about the suns uv light and how it kills bacteria. If you are scared about the play ground I bet McDonalds play structure is the stuff of nightmares for you ;) Eventually you have to let go a little or you will go crazy. I have three littles and watch two others not a one has been seriously damaged from germs. Every one gets sick sometimes it is just part of life. And remember drying your hands is just as important as washing because germs like moist, warm places. Baby steps :)

Becky said...
Sorry here is the link.


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