Tuesday, March 8

Works For Me Wednesday-Buying Yeast in Bulk

This may be one of those "duh" tips, but I thought I would share anyway.  I bake *most* of our own bread.  If you bake with yeast only occasionally and use the pre-portioned packets, it's not really that expensive (in terms of a weekly budget), but if you buy yeast in the jars (because buying in bulk will stretch your dollar ounce for ounce) that can take a big chunk out of a weekly grocery budget. 

At my local grocery store, the jar of yeast was about $7.25 for 4 oz. jar of yeast.  But at Costco (insert pink fluffy heart here) I can get the same brand of yeast for under $4.00 for a 32 ounce bag.  That's a 93% savings!

Now how will I use two pounds of yeast before the expiration, you ask?  We all know that we don't want the yeast to go bad, as that defeats the purpose of yeast.  You refrigerate it!  I use a small container in our main fridge for my "working supply" of yeast and then I keep the bulk of it in our spare fridge in our basement.  We got a bag of yeast nearly two years ago and I have just about finished it up.  It's gone way past the expiration, but the cold fridge preserves the yeast and it's still works just fine, making wonderful homemade bread sticks, pizza crust, and cinnamon rolls--just to name a few.

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susieloulou said...

Great tip! I bought that same package and keep it in the freezer, and so far, everything's working :-)


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