Tuesday, March 29

Broken Eyeshadow

Peanut's new distraction is "putting on makeup" with me.   I don't actually let her put on makeup.  Normally she just stands in front of the mirror with me and goes through the items in my makeup bag.  She does occasionally get into the lip gloss.  But I'm okay with that because it's clear lip gloss and it's fairly harmless.  That was until this past Sunday.  We were going through the motions--I put on my eyeshadow and she tells me she wants some too, so I have her close her eyes and I brush my finger over her eye lids.  She looks in the mirror and then says, "Thank you, Mommy" and I move on to the next item.  Next thing I know, I look over and she has decided that she too, can apply lipstick like mommy.

So of course, like any good blogger mom, I ran downstairs to grab my camera so I could record the moment forever.  And in the 30 seconds I was gone, she was already into the 'scarra {mascara} by the time I got back.

Someone also is loving her mirror in her room--the mirror being new to her as it didn't get put on until just a few months ago.  We had used the dresser (without the mirror attached) as a changing station before the big PT in January.  She also LOVES to make faces at herself.  On Sunday, her painted pout only heightened this fascination.

Last but not least, the original point of this post--a great little frugal makeup tip for you.

My makeup bag fell over the other day and my eyeshadow container slid out and crashed on the bathroom floor.  One of my eyeshadows broke into a dozen pieces.  Argh!!!!  I was irritated with myself to say the least.  However, I had heard a makeup tip a while back and now was my chance to see if it worked.  When your eyeshadow breaks you can either A) throw it away and get a new one or B) try and salvage it the best you can.  But during weeks of salvaging, the broken eyeshadow bits eventually work their way all over the inside of your makeup bag and make everything an absolute mess.  Or am I the only cheap frugal one who does things like that?

What you want to do to salvage the eyeshadow and make it user friendly again (aka a lot less messy) is continue to break up the eyeshadow into a powder (using the back of a spoon or some other such tool) and the add just a drop or two of rubbing alcohol to it.  Just enough to make a thick paste.  Spread it as evenly as you can back into the eyeshadow compartment and let dry.  The alcohol will evaporate and you are left with  much more workable eyeshadow once again.  And it really does work.  Trust me

For other great tips and tricks, visit We Are THAT Family


Madde said...

My daughters (3 and 9mon) did the exact same thing yesterday! I had red eyeshadow all over my walk in closet. We were in a hurry to leave the house so I just washed them off and after wards I was like: DANG it why didn't I get some pictures?

SweetSugarBelle said...

How cool! I'm cheap like that too, LOL! Thanks for the tip! I was so excited about this when I saw it on WFMW! I love ways to reuse!

Molly Green said...

Oh wow! What a great tip. I'm definitely trying that next time it happens to me. And you know it's gonna happen. I think the last thing I ruined was powder. I bet it would work for that, too.

Bitterroot Mama said...

Neat! We have accidents like that too.

Carla Renee said...

Great tip, I never would have known! I'll have to try that next time. Oh my word, that little face! She is so hilarious! My girls take forever in the bathroom because they are always doing something (singing, talking, making faces) in the mirror! ;) Her room is so pretty!


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