Sunday, March 13

Menu Plan Monday

Our poor little Peanut has the flu.  I know.  Combine that with lots of leftovers from last week--and several of last weeks meals went out the window (as in they didn't get made, not they got thrown out).  Either way homemade chicken noodle soup is always welcome, even if I couldn't get the Peanut to try it.  I could only get her to eat saltines and dry toast and a little Jell-O....and she hasn't wanted anything else.  Poor thing....

For this week we will be having~

Sunday-Leftover chicken noodle soup and homemade Chinese food

Monday-Pasta with homemade pesto cream sauce, green salad


Wednesday-Beef kebabs, steamed veggies and brown rice

Thursday-Beef roast, potatoes (probably mashed), horseradish carrots

Friday-Quesadillas (using leftover roast), salad


For other great menu ideas, visit the Organizing Junkie

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