Thursday, March 31

Pretty in Pink

Confession:  In high school, I had an abnormal obsession with Pumba.  I think it was because he was so squishy and cute.  When I went on a high school trip to Orlando at the age of 17, I may have brought home (as an additional carry on no less) a 16 inch stuffed Pumba from Walt Disney World.  What can I say? It was an offer I couldn't refuse.

So all these years I kept him.  Not out sitting out on my bed of course--I did grow up--but I kept him packed away nonetheless.  He has now become Peanut's sidekick.  She reads him stories while I fix her hair in the morning.  She even fixes him breakfast.  Usually it's some concoction of sauteed cantaloupe/bananas/pears followed with ketchup or yogurt as a chaser.  If you're lucky, you might get mustard in your coffee.  Yes, we might need to work on food pairings and the proper cooking techniques of fresh produce.  Hey--the child can put the whole United States map together--I am not too worried about her creative tendencies abilities in the kitchen. 

Anyhow, Pumba is her little buddy.  He even gets to dress like her.

Although no warthogs were harmed during these unfortunate events, he did ask that his face not be shown. 

I think the sparkles might have been the last straw. 

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Carla Renee said...

So cute!! Can't believe she is already 2 1/2! We need to get together SOON!! Lovies!


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