Wednesday, January 5


I was doing dishes the other day and Peanut was participating in her favorite past time...she was climbing up in the computer chair and going for the computer. 

Side note: she likes to grab the mouse and tell me she is blogging.   

Yes, I know.

As she is going for the computer mouse, which she KNOWS is off limits, I threaten to go put her up in her crib.  As usual, it works like a charm.  She turns and tells me as she's shaking her head, "Peanut not touch."  "Yes, you are right," I told her.  Then, in a rare moment of brillance, I suggested she take the mouse pad (which we use but don't need to) and set it up with her own computer.  She got all excited and scampered off. 

After I had put her down for her nap, I was getting some different tasks done around the house and I came across this:

My little imitator. 


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

My kids will now grab their play phones and "text" each other. So wrong.

Dede said...



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