Monday, January 24

Hair Accessory Organizer

Between the hair bows I have made or purchased as well as a generous Grandma and Auntie, our Peanut has gobs of hair accessories.  It's funny too, because some of them she can't even use yet, as her is still so fine!  For the last several months, all the accessories have been contained in a zip top bag in order to keep them together and not lose any.   I then remembered that I saw an idea awhile back about using a hanger with clips and clipping long pieces of ribbon in the clips to attach the accessories to.   I thought it was a great idea, but I wanted to dress it up a bit.

Have something functional, but you know, make it cute and girly. 

Peanut was given several wonderful outfits as a baby that came with these pretty little covered hangers.  Of course I kept the hangers, but I never really used them as they weren't very practical.  Well now I have figured out something to use them for!

I sewed long strands of wide grosgrain ribbon (which I found on Christmas clearance at WalMart!) to the hanger.  I also took another piece of ribbon and sewed plastic hooks (that my mom had in her stash--sort of like these--I think they are normally used for curtains and such) to tie loose ribbons to.

I had the hanger and the thread and my mom gave me the hooks, so really the only thing I had to purchase was the ribbon. Pretty cute for only a dollar and change, don't you think?  It is so much more organized, and really, that was the ultimate goal.   

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SustainableMom said...

I was just thinking I needed to make one of these but I thought it would involve a lot more. I think I have all those things are home, thanks for posting.

Moms of all Trades said...

So cute I love this idea, deffiantly need a couple at my house! Thanks for sharing

Becky said...

This is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

OMG loved this idea . I was going crazy thinking of how to arrange these hair chips . I have two girls and have tons of clips . Thank you .


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