Tuesday, July 13

Works For Me Wednesday-Marking Items in Your Freezer

I freeze a lot of things.  I also reuse my zip top freezer bags (I wash them out and let them dry and reuse them--saves lots of money because I use them all the time).  But I often forget when I put something in the freezer, and I don't want to write on my bags (or containers for that matter) because I know I will reuse them at some point.

This week I searched high and low for those black wax "pens" that you can write on glass and plastic with and it wipes off.  I eventually did find them at the office supply store, but you had to buy a whole box of them for over $10.  And I am way too cheap for that. 

So I had to figure out something else and as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.  I started writing the date (and the item if I won't know what it is in few weeks) on a piece of tape and folding back the edge of tape so I can take it off the bag or container easily.  So when I come across it in the freezer down the road, I will know the date (and item) is.  No more guessing what that container of enchilada sauce is.   

Not that I've ever done that. 

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Julie From Inmates said...

Washing and reusing ziplock bags? It has never dawned on me to do such a thing. Thanks for the tip!

Angel Reuther said...

Great idea! I've also used rubbing alcohol to take the sharpie off. It works most of the time. :) But I like your idea. I also use blue painters tape and sharpie to mark stuff a lot also.

Lucy Marie said...

I wash and reuse my bags, too, so this is a great tip. I admit I am not the best at labeling or remembering what's what.


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