Wednesday, July 14

Look What I Got

Our landlord's brother has an orchard and she brought us over some Rainer cherries last week.  I was so excited because I rarely buy cherries (too expensive and my parents didn't have a good crop this year, unlike last year) and the Peanut loves them.  Who am I kidding?...we love them too.

Anyhow, she told us that we could have more if we wanted, but we would need to go pick them ourselves.  Fair enough.  So I emailed her and asked if we could go pick on DH's days off this week.  She checked with her brother and he didn't want people he didn't know on his orchards for liability (I get that too--I don't trust people either) plus apparently there are snakes.  Um, gross!

So to make a long story long, she asked what I wanted and she would go pick them for us.  How nice is that?   She brought over a box full of Rainer cherries--I've never had that kind until she brought them to us the first time and they are good!  A couple hours after that, she brought us a huge bowl of pie cherries!  Our landlord warned us and boy, is she right--pie cherries only good for that--pie.  DH tried one (he lives on the edge like that) and I guess they are very, very tart. They are so different too, from the Rainer's or Bing's you find at the grocery store.  They are bright red, almost kinda orangey, and they are much smaller in size too.  So I was busy all night cleaning and pitting and freezing pie cherries like I did last year

But what a blessing, huh?  

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Lucy Marie said...

Yum! Make me a cherry pie please.


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