Friday, July 9

Matchy Matchy

I saw these aprons featured awhile back on one of the blogs I read.  While I know the amount of work that goes into sewing and I think it's a fair price, indulgences like that just don't happen on one income. 


When my family came up for Memorial Day, my Mom and I went to the fabric store.  They had these darling little patterns for aprons for little girls.  "How. cute. is that?"  I told my Mom--and my Mom thought so too.  And who was I to object when my Mom offered to make an apron for Peanut?  And then when she offered to make one for me too, I didn't want to deny myself Peanut the pleasure of looking all cute like Mommy. 

When we went home this weekend, look at what my talented Mama had sewn:

You know what's even more cute?  Peanut will only wear hers when I have mine on.  She points to hers and says, "[insert her name here]" and points to my apron and says, "Mommy's."   *Sigh*

I didn't want to wait for DH to take pictures of mine, so here ya' go:

Nothing like a self portrait to make you realize you shouldn't be putting off that exercise.  Maybe with these hot triple digit temperatures I can sweat it off without even trying. 


Also, I don't condone other forms of matching mother/daughter outfits...just aprons.   :)


Lucy Marie said...

My goodness! Those are SO cute.

Lauren said...

Those are sooo cute!! Your mom did a great job!


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