Tuesday, July 20

Works For Me Wednesday-Leftover Tomato Paste

works for me wednesday at we are that family

I used to hate recipes that called for one or two tablespoons of tomato paste.  What do I do with the rest of the tomato paste?  Well, I always put it in a container in the fridge with good intentions.   Then months later, I would find it in the back of the fridge with gray little hairs that were not there before.  And out it went.

Watching Rachael Ray, I learned that you can buy squeeze tubes of tomato paste, so you can use just the amount you need without opening a whole can.  Very cool.  But I have searched and searched and I can't find those any where.  Plus, I am sure it costs way more.  Then she shared a tip a while back that I thought was just fabulous.

After using the amount of paste you need, roll up the rest in plastic wrap like you would a roll of cookie dough.  Then, pop it in your freezer.  So down the road when you need just a tablespoon or two, you can simply slice of the amount you need and put the rest back in the freezer. 

Isn't that nifty?  

For other helpful tips, visit Kristen at We Are THAT Family's Works For Me Wednesday. 


heather in michigan said...

Thanks for passing on this tip!

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Oooh, love this tip! I hate wasting, too.

Hannah said...

Yep, I totally do something like this - I just freeze tablespoonfuls on wax paper, then pop them into a freezer bag. No more waste - love it!

Keowdie said...

That is an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing!

Alea said...

Great idea!


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