Tuesday, July 27

No Way!

We live in the land of milk and honey.  Or so my Dad says.  It's warm and dry here and there are fruit orchards galore around here.  The problem is is that most orchards don't allow you to come pick (because of liability), as was the case with our landlord's brother.  You can still go buy the fruit here at the orchards, but I've found it's not much cheaper than the grocery store, if even at all. 

I decided to look in the paper here in the classifieds just to see if there was some u-pick orchards available.  And there was!  I found an orchard that has organic apricots.  Even better!  So I called to see how much per pound.   You won't believe the price. 

$0.30 per pound.

For organic no less.

There is no way you find that price at the grocery store even for regular old apricots.  Even organic apricots at Azure Standard are somewhere between $2.25-$2.50 a pound depending on how much you purchase.  And they offer decent prices. 

I KNOW.  So I went and got over 12 pounds and it cost me $3.50.  I am going to freeze some, but I can't freeze too many, because I don't know how much room I need to allow for our beef

My parents are coming not this weekend, but next, and they are going to bring me some of their canning supplies.  Yes, I am that cheap and they haven't used theirs in years.  I am hoping and praying the apricots are still on so I can go get some more to can.  Although I don't have a lot of freezer space, I do have shelf space. 

Pray there are still some available!


Lucy Marie said...

PYO Apricots are going on around here right now, too! Love them!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful .30 cents a pound!!! I wish I were there. Another thing I like to do with fruit like this especially apricots, is to dry them... if you have a dehydrator, if not, I think you may be able to use the oven. Also fruit leather, cook the fruit. puree, put on wax paper on a sheet pan, then dry in 250 degree oven or use a dehydrator. I have used the oven for the fruit leather. It is so good because it is not only economical, but you can control the amount, if any sugar!!! Double bonus!



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