Friday, October 31

Tinkerbell and Her Duck

For this Halloween, I had planned on using the Peanut's duck costume from several years back for the little brother this year.  And I had high hopes of creating a swan costume for the Peanut.  So you know, they could have went as a swan and her duckling. 

(You know I am all about the theme costumes.  See 2013 here and see 2012 here.)

(In my defense though, my mom started the theme theme by suggesting Dorothy and the scarecrow for Halloween 2012.)

(That said though, I didn't object one single bit.) 

However Halloween was getting closer and closer and I was running out of time, and I kid myself into thinking I could sew something really cool (I can't) and plus we don't have a lot of extra money lying around these days.  Plus that Peanut of ours has a dress up trunk full of some pretty cool costumes--this Tinkerbell dress came from my cousin's little girl.  About a week ago, I suggested to the Peanut that she go as Tinkerbell and we could do glitter and she could wear her hair up in a bun like Tinkerbell.  "What do you think about that?" I asked her.

"Oh yeah!  I can go as Tinkerbell and he {the little brother} can be my duck!"

This girl.  She cracks. me. up!


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