Sunday, October 12

Her First Soccer Game

Our girl played her first soccer game today. It's been about three years since she took her first soccer class.  Really, that's all it was too--a class.  A way for her to burn off some of her three year old energy.  They learned a few techniques, but at that age, littles are still mastering hand-eye coordination, so it was mostly just fun for her.

Well, she's six years old now--and the gloves are off.

Oh, how I kid.  No, at this age it's still mostly for fun and really, learning to work as a team.  I guess in my mind I was expecting a much higher level of competition.

Me?  I never played any type of sport.  I mean, there was a year where I did ice skating.  I was probably six or seven?  And that was the extent of my athletic prowess.  Yep, that was it.  No soccer, no softball, no basketball (which I probably should have played considering I am tallish), no track, no swimming, no get the idea.

My least favorite class?  You guessed it....PE.  I hate to sweat.  But really?  My biggest fear was/is just the idea of people watching me and me potentially making a fool of myself.

I prefer to blend in with the crowd.  It's much safer that way.  Drives my mom nuts, too.  No guts, no glory, she was so fond of reminding me.  She gave up on that long ago though.  Thankfully God is a God of second chances and she has a granddaughter who is much more like her than me. (You know I am kidding when I say that, right?  He most certainly IS about second chances, but it escapes me as to where the Bible references having more competitive genes in future offspring.....)

Anyhow, back to this morning!  Peanut had fun and that's the most important part isn't it?  It's so funny to watch her out on the field too.  I can see both me and Hubs personalities in her. The first half she seemed to be much more like me.  While she was definitely in there trying to play and she didn't hang back at all--she wasn't super aggressive either.  In the second half though, she seemed much more comfortable on the field and much more sure of herself--much more like her daddy than me.

In her defense, Hubs said they've really only done drills and such at practice.  They haven't done any type of scrimmage.   That's a practice game, for those of you (like me!) who had no idea what that is.  There were a few times where she got the ball away from the pack and was so entirely pleased with herself.  However, she forgot and/or didn't know to follow that on through and keep driving the ball down the field.  Then there was that time where she got the ball from the opposing team, and she continued to drive the ball in the same direction (the wrong way) down the field.  Shockingly, this mama, who, have I mentioned likes to blend in with the crowd, hollered like mad to her daughter to go the "Other way, other way, other way!"  And she looked over at me and saw me motioning madly and she smiled at me and quickly did. 

Can you tell it was a very exciting morning? 


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