Saturday, October 11

So This Just Happened

So it was really like two weeks ago.


In my defense though, I've been kind of busy with canning and winter food preparation, so there is that. 

It only took her 8 1/2 weeks to pull it out.  This girl.  I tell you.....for the child that seems to have no fear, she definitely had some with loosing her first tooth.  She was torn between extreme excitement and paralyzing fear in getting those baby teeth out.  Apparently it's a daddy DNA thing, because not one, but two of her permanent teeth  had popped through before the baby teeth were even loose and gone.

She had her 6 month check up at the dentist and the dentist pretty much said both teeth needed to be gone. Like yesterday.  The one (pictured above) definitely should have been.  However, in her defense, the second one honestly wasn't really that loose and I think the dentist was more concerned with the fact that both permanent teeth were already coming in, so those baby teeth needed to be out.  We made the extraction appointment one week out and told her if she didn't get those teeth out, then the dentist would be taking care of it for her.  My plan was that it would motivate her to take care of it herself. 

Yeah, that didn't really work.  Actually, she did get the super loose one out the night before her appointment.  (Well, Daddy helped did it for her.)  Then, the following morning she went in and they got the second one out too.

Another milestone come and gone. 



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