Saturday, October 25

Pumpkin Patch 2014

It wasn't a big family event like it has been in years past.  Mainly because the pumpkin patch that Peanut's class went to this year asked that younger siblings not attend.  Parents could go, but not the little littles, so that left me at home with our little boy.  Which in all honesty, was kind of okay with me--it poured nearly all. day. long.  According to Weather Underground, the precipitation accumulation for Wednesday for 1.70 inches.  Average rain in these parts is about 3 inches in the month of October, so we got more than half our normal monthly rain in one day.  That said, I was completely happy to hunker down at home all nice and dry.  Plus I stayed busy making meatloaf, roasted brussels (I never knew that was plural!!!  did you?) sprouts, horseradish carrots, and mashed potatoes--a nice hot meal to put on the table when the Peanut and Daddy got home all cold and damp. 

I was going to ask my sweet Hubs to take the good camera (I am not a fan of phone pics at all!).  However. I felt so bad because it was so nasty outside.  I will tell anyone who will listen my issues with camera phones (they are so not a replacement for a good camera!!!), but I will readily admit that they are much more convenient in terms of size--and lugging around a spendy camera in the rain showers of the northwest (camera bag and all) is NOT fun or easy.  Especially at a pumpkin patch. 

So I let the control freak in me relax and asked the Hubs to make sure to get some pictures on his phone--and the day was documented, even if it was with the iPhone camera.  ;)

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