Wednesday, October 10

My Mom is Awesome

When we announced "we" were pregnant last fall, I asked my mom to be on the lookout for some furniture for the baby's room.  She is a thrift shop junkie and has made turning trash into treasure an art form.

I do mean that in the utmost complimentary way.  Because I am not that talented. But I trust my mom completely because she has vision like you couldn't believe and she, well, to put it simply....

she ROCKS. 

Now, when I made this request to her, knowing we were going to be moving home and living with them for several months, she told me she would definitely be on the look out for some furniture, but she probably wasn't going to get anything just yet, because we had about another 8 months to find some stuff and she didn't want to deal with storing it. 

Fair enough. 

She called me about two weeks later and said she had found two dressers and a desk for a total of $30 and brought them home. 

Now, what was that about not wanting to store them?   I totally get it terms of getting second hand things, you have to strike while the iron is hot.  And she did. 

We still have to find a replacement handle on this one, but other than that, it looks amazing.  And it's a great height for a changing table.  At least for Hubs and I.  He's definitely tall and I am on the taller side as well, so it's perfect for the both of us. 

Well, I saved the best for last.  Because you think the changing table turned out good? 

Take a look at this transformation:

My aunt, who went shopping with my mom for these treasures, told me just this last weekend, that she simply did not see it.  She is a visionary as well, but she thought this piece was hopeless.  It was missing it's back and was scratched and dented to heck.  Plus, the finish needed to be completely redone.  My mom was intending to paint this piece, but after sanding it down and removing all the finish, she realized that the wood was actually really nice {we think it's cherry}.
Knobs refinished courtesy of  RustOleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint. 

Amazing don't you think? 

Don't ya'all wish you had a mom like mine?


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Lucy Marie said...

Send your mom and aunt to my house. Eva's room needs some serious loving.


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