Tuesday, October 9

Fall is Falling

Fall is finally starting to settle in around these here parts.  I absolutely love summer and I am sad to see it go, but I am ready for boots and sweaters, soups, and catching up on fall TV.  Speaking of boots, I think my feet grew with my last pregnancy.  Because the swelling is all gone now and most of my shoes are a smidge tight now.  Kinda stinks. 


My mom sent me home the other day with a bag of fall colored card stock and said it was for the Peanut.  So in my efforts in trying to be a "fun" mom, we made a fall leaf um, swag, for lack of a better term.

You can find the patterns for the leaves here, in case you want to be a fun mom too.  

We still have lots of paper left over, so we just might be doing a Halloween and/or Thanksgiving countdown paper chain too. 

I even made her some orange and green play dough.  You know, to make pumpkins and stuff. 


I can't hardly believe it myself. 

We also took a walk the other day and I brought along the camera to record this fall deliciousness for my sister.  She absolutely adores fall and let's face it.  You don't really get "fall" living in the high desert. 

So here you go, Big Sister.  In all it's glory:

Finally, some of the kidlets....do you know how hard it is to get both a 3 month old and a four year old to look AT the camera and smile?  Just. doesn't. happen. 

I think I statistically have a better chance of being struck by lightning twice {in the same spot!} before that would occur.  

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Lucy Marie said...

My feet grew with Eva but it seems I'm safe this time. Love that leaf garland. I think next year we willl be able to do fun stuff like that! Your kids are precious. Miss you. Catch up soon?


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