Thursday, October 11

How Long Will It Take?

My friend's mom (Hub's and my matchmaker) tells a story of my friend and her two little brothers--when they were all much younger  My dear sweet friend had her younger playmates brothers at her complete disposal, until of course, when (as her mom jokes) they turned about six years old and they figured out they didn't have to do what their older sister said any longer.

Fast forward twenty five years and my friend has two children--an older girl and younger boy.  Our matchmaker further jokes that it only took her grandson about 18 months to figure out that he didn't have to do what his older sister said.

I wonder how long it will take our Little Guy?



Anonymous said...

haha :) Hopefully for your sake, its later.... :) Super cute.


Lucy Marie said...

I wonder this too. Eva is so quick to share with Gwen. But it's always on her terms. What will she think when Gwen starts to talk back? Ha


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