Monday, February 13

Why, Yes--I Do Still Know How to Operate a Camera

I actually have been taking some pictures in the last several days.  There are even sweet little things to say about each one.

I mentioned before that Peanut looks forward to every afternoon when Grandma gets home from work.  My Mom usually gets home around 3:30 every afternoon.  Some days, as early as 11 am!, Peanut asks repeatedly, "Is Grandma home from work yet?"  It's too funny.  Today, I got to capture some of her excitement on camera.  Peanut was outside playing when my Mom got home and I was able to tell her that Grandma was home and snap a few pics at the same time.

Our sweet girl is in preschool right now and they are having a Valentine's Day party tomorrow.  So we got to go to the store to pick out Valentine's.  I think I was as excited as she was--probably more, cause I don't even think she gets it yet.  Of course, my girl, who had a plethora of pink and purple My Little Pony, Disney Princess, and all other sorts of hearts and flowers Valentine's to pick from, she went with her favorite, Toy Story.  Or as she calls them, "The Buzz One's."  But as my Mom always tells me, pick your battles.  Eating your vegetables?  There's a battle worth having.  But Valentine's?  Not so much.


We were making Valentine cupcakes and I went upstairs to use the bathroom, again (sheesh, and I'm only at 21 weeks!).  I come back downstairs and Peanut has made herself more than welcome to the chocolate cake batter.  Her response?  "Don't worry Mommy, I only had a little bit."


And for the final tid bit, our Peanut has become VERY bossy to my parents ever patient black lab, Jet.  Pretty much because she's the only one that will listen to the Peanut.  Jet puts up with Peanut's bear hugs, her bossiness, her three year temperament like. a. champ.  So Peanut has now taken to reading Jet stories as well.  And Jet even listens.

Most of the time.  But if Jet sees an opportunity, she escapes as fast as she can.  Either way, she is such a good girl to our little girl.

Stay tuned Wednesday or Thursday of this week--we get to find out if our little bundle will be in pink or blue!

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