Wednesday, February 1

Nineteen Weeks

I can't believe 1/12 of the year is already over.  That probably sounds a little silly, but time is flying by!  I say that every month of every year, but seriously.  Of course, it couldn't be that we were busy moving and getting settled through the better part of January, so it was like I blinked and missed the whole month.

Or maybe that was the case.

My photo taking has been way lagging lately, so those three little posts for the month of January?  That was pretty much the extent of my picture taking for the whole month. We have even been behind in taking photos of the progress for little love #2.

Way to keep up on that promise that I would take just as many pictures of the second child as the first child.  Nice, right?  

We've been behind partly because of moving.  But mostly, because every time I thought to take a picture, I either hadn't showered, hadn't put on a stitch of makeup, looked like a slob (or some sort of combination of all three-yikes!) OR if I felt it was a picture worthy moment, Hubs wasn't home to catch it on camera.

Poor Hubs.  

Definitely have popped out from the last picture, huh?

Welcome to being married for almost eight years, right?  Those photo worthy moments (at least of me) are further and further between. 

However, all that aside, in other (wonderful!!) news, we had my first prenatal appointment yesterday and we FINALLY got to hear the heartbeat!  My first appointment up in Smalltown was at just ten weeks, so we couldn't hear the heartbeat just yet.  Although they did try.  But the little love was very active in the ultrasound, so that was very comforting.  Both my doctor up there and down here said it wasn't really necessary to have another appointment until we got moved and settled, so that is why it's taken so long to get to be able to hear that little hummingbird beat.  But we got to hear it yesterday, and it was just as awesome as it was the first time.

We also got to schedule the next ultrasound, so as long as this little one isn't shy, we should be able to find out if our sweet little Peanut will be having a little brother or sister.  Plus, the appointment is on Valentine's Day, so isn't that sweet?

Please cue for the collective Awwwwwww

We also gave notice to our renters, and they were (somewhat surprisingly!) very understanding and agreeable, despite them having to move about two months earlier than they had originally planned.   So praise God for that as well!

And our Peanut?  LOVING the late afternoon when Grandma gets home from work.  Asks me several times each day, "Is Grandma home from work yet?"  So I will leave you with a photo I took this afternoon when my mom beckoned me outside to take a picture.


Sarah said...

I found out on Valentine's Day with A1!!! so excited to hear the news!

Lucy Marie said...

Look at you beautiful!! Your belly is so cute. My big ultrasound is tonight but I'll be telling the tech to stay far, far away from the nether regions.


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