Friday, February 10

A Bad Case of Writers Block?

I have been way bad on posting much so that my Mom has even made mention of it.  So it must be really bad.  Not that I didn't already know that.  Life has just been different these past few months.  Not bad in any way, but definitely different. 

Being pregnant, then packing, then moving, and now, settling in.  Talk about different, right?  Just calling on address changes alone.....good grief!

Peanut is in preschool, so that takes this homebody away from home (the computer) for multiple hours each week (but I can hear an amen on grocery/Target/Costco browsing all. by. myself?!?!?!  AMEN.).

Hometown is a *somewhat* rural area (although still part of a major metropolitan area) so it takes longer to get most places as compared to our former Smalltown.  So that takes some of my time. 

I got our taxes filed and then had to amend my filing because I forgot one of the things we were supposed to claim, so that has taken some time. 

I have friends here (I am pretty much the wall flower, so sadly {all of my own doing!} I didn't have too many close relationships in Smalltown) and I have been having fun catching up with everyone here, so that has taken some of my time.  

And my iPad?  Well, my affections for my much loved (and much missed) DVR have been replaced with games on my tablet.  So, yes, that too, has taken some of my time. 

Finally, living here at my parents, we now have a nice large, gated yard for Peanut to explore, so that takes some time too.   

We are settling into a new normal.  Life is good, just different. 

I am liking loving different. 

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