Saturday, February 25


Our little Peanut has been having tons of fun with all her new playmates.  She just has lots of little ones between all our family and friends that keep her occupied.  There are the little ones across the street from my parents (our current digs), my friend's kids, my other friend's kids, my cousin's little girl (I always forget the term of that relation--would that be my second cousin or first cousin once removed? I have no idea...).  Combine this with preschool two days a week and story time at the library and well, our little girl is sacked out when it comes to bedtime.

We spent yesterday evening with my cousin and her little love and this morning/afternoon with one of my closest friends and their little girl (and could I remember to take pictures two days in a row? Of course not.).

She fell asleep tonight at six o'clock, folks.  



And here I am at 22 1/2 weeks.  It's funny because my starting weight this time around was about ten pounds less then it was with the Peanut.  And currently, I've only gained around 8-9 pounds.  But somehow I look like I am at 36 weeks.  When "they" say you show a lot quicker the second time around....."they" weren't kidding!  


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