Wednesday, December 14

Last Visit Home

It is so strange to say that we made our last visit to Hometown this past week.  Because in just 36 short days we will be calling Hometown home once again for the first time in nearly two and a half years.  And it is coming FAST.

We had a great time visiting with our family and we got to see my sister and brother-in-law for the first time in nearly a year.  Last spring they moved south to a warmer (read: desert) climate and we haven't seen them since our visit home last February.  So it was definitely nice to be able to spend some quality time while all my "immediate" family who were all under one roof once again.

We had a great time.

Peanut got lots of fun gifts
and had to bribed to lay down for a nap.  Notice the big big girl bed
Cute clothes gifts. 
Snuggly times with her uncle while watching Tangled.
Auntie helped with the gift opening. 
It's not even that great and I kid you not, nearly 80 pictures were taken to get this one. 
Grandma got her a lovely hand painted tea set and they had lots of fun playing Tea Party. 
It's what it's all about isn't it? 


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