Sunday, September 25

Menu Plan Monday

I think summer has bidden it's final farewell.  Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees and today it is supposed to be rainy with a high around 70.  Oh, and did I mention rainy?  I don't think we have had any real rain (like fully saturate the ground kind of rain) since the spring. 

I know, I know. 

All my family back home is probably just rolling their eyes, but hey, that is the one thing I L-O-V-E about living here.  (For the record, I don't hate it here, it's just that my heart is back in HomeTown.)  That said, I am very much looking forward to fall--with sweaters, bright fall colors, pumpkin flavored yummies, the smell of cinnamon....I could go on and on.  For this week, we will be having:

Sunday-Leftover Beef Barley Soup (I made a little more than I intended so we are eating that up)

Monday-Chicken Broccoli Couscous (one dish meal!)

Tuesday-Steaks, potatoes, green salads with ranch dressing

Wednesday-BLTs, green salads

Thursday-Taco salads (with leftover steak)

Friday-Chicken enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce, cilantro lime rice, green salads


For other great menu plans, visit the Organizing Junkie


skoots1mom said...

like all your selections, especially the blts ;)

Raelene said...

Great menu. I love one dish meals!


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