Friday, September 16

Giddy Up, Cowgirl!

You all know how the rest of the vacation here are all the fun details from our Peanut's cowgirl party.

Because I am cheap frugal, I have emailed birthday invites for the last several years.  It's much more inexpensive and I am an RSVP Nazi--I want a response, because it makes planning those last minute details so much easier when you have an accurate head count.  Plus, emailing the invite makes it very easy for your guests to respond.  Some might think it's a little tacky to email an invite, but for now, it's works great for me.

When I was talking to Hubs about taking a picture of Peanut for the invite, he said it might be cool to have some horseshoes as a prop.    

Great idea, Hubs.

Well, since I didn't have any horseshoes laying around, I called my landlord.  They are like my parents and they seem to have a little bit of everything, so I thought maybe she might have some horseshoes or at the very least know where to get some.

Well, she got me 10 times better.  She had some friends that have a ranch and she was able to provide some perfect old rusty horseshoes.  Then she asked me if  I would be interested in taking the pictures of Peanut in her friend's barn.

Um, yes, please!

The photo op was great, but since I am still a novice photographer (I use the term photographer very loosely) I overexposed most of them and you can only Photoshop a photo so much before it starts to look really bad.  In the photo I ended up using, you can't really tell that she is sitting in a barn, but it was so sweet of our landlord nonetheless.

Peanut would have nothing to do with her cowgirl hat for the invitation photo op and that was still the case during her party.  Not so big on the hat, so this was the extent of her hat wearing.

For about two minutes.  

Then I thought she might be a little more cooperative taking pictures with Jet.  It was a nice thought, at least.  While I didn't get that priceless picture I had in my head, I still got some cute ones.

Dad?  This reminds me of you camping--in the boat with your brothers at the lake.  This is so you. 

I was able to get pictures of all the kids prior to the party and made some great party favors for the kids to take home~WANTED posters for each child.

I had originally planned (like the thought crossed my mind six months ago) on doing a Minnie party and my Mom is always great in supporting whatever I choose to do.  She said sure okay, but she didn't seem overly excited.  Then a few months ago I suggested a cowgirl theme and that was all the inspiration my Mom needed.  She just ran with it.  She found this old wagon wheel and lots and lots of other fun little treasures to make our Peanut's day special. 

To put it simply:  She helped me rock this party.  

She and my Dad (as well as the Hubs) are the selfless help in the background that prop me up and make me look like some great hostess (ha!), but in reality there is NO WAY I could pull all this off without their help.

In keeping with the cowgirl theme, I designed some little fun details in Photoshop to apply to nearly all the stationary things at the party.  If you have a little time and a decent color printer, these things don't have to be costly.  Like I always say, I have way more time than money, so this definitely fits our shoestring budget.

As I mentioned in the other vacation post, it was hot that day, topping out at 94 degrees.  While Hometown isn't super humid like Florida or DC, it was still hot, humid, and sticky.  As is evident in our little Peanut's flushed face.  No, it's not a sunburn; she is just a carbon copy of her mama (and Grandpa) and turns a lovely shade of fuchsia when she is the smallest bit warm.  

After everyone ate, my Mom arranged for some nice horse owners to come out to their house with their two beautiful horses.  They asked for the birthday girl to have the first ride and Peanut would have none of it.  But once she saw the other children riding and having a great time, our girl was ALL over it.  In fact, after she rode the brown horse, she got off and immediately demanded to ride "the black horse."  Once all the other kids had a turn, she had her chance and was saying "Giddy up!" before the horse even left the driveway.

Peanut then got to open presents and received lots of wonderful goodies, including two new dollies to add to her growing collection

Everyone was thoroughly hot and sweaty after the horse rides and watching Peanut open gifts, so the cowgirl party quickly transformed to a pool party.   

What a perfect way to cool off.   

The party was pretty informal after swimming so I forgot to even get out some candles for Peanut's cupcake.  Plus, she was digging in before I could even find my camera.

It was a great, great day.  

What a perfect end to summer, don'tcha think? 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And to give credit where credit is due.....most of those cowgirl details, came from this blogger.  She's crazy talented and a great photographer. 

I always say this....I am not that creative, but I can copy the heck off of someone else's ideas!


Katie said...

Oh my gosh, you and your mom are so creative. The cowgirl theme is so cute! Looks the party was a hit with Peanut and everyone else :)

Audra Laney said...

Wow!!! THAT is impressive! Fantastic job!

Carla Renee said...

It was a great party! For your next "tried it and loved it", you should post your recipe for "THE BEST CUPCAKES IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE"! ;) So glad we got to come and celebrate our precious little niece/cousin! :)


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