Thursday, September 8

For the Birthday Girl

Hard to believe two years have gone by since this was taken

and a year has gone by since this was taken

 Today my baby is now three.

Happy birthday, precious Peanut. 

Oh, and please be officially introduced to Peanut's newest addition to the Dolly menagerie.  Her name is....wait for it............New Dolly.

Welcome to the family, New Dolly.  


Anonymous said...

Hope you had the Happiest Birthday, Sweetie - I wish Auntie could've been there to celebrate with you. Lots of {{{hugs}}} for you! :)

Carla Renee said...

Aww, so cute! She looks like her mama in the pic with New Dolly! ;) So precious! Happy Birthday to my sweet niece! Can't wait to see you and give you birthday hugs at your big party tomorrow!! :) Your cousins are SO excited, too! Love you guys!


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