Saturday, September 24

Another Last and Another First

I talked awhile ago about some of Peanut's firsts and lasts.  About a week and a half ago she had another last and then another first.

Her last night in her crib.

Her first night in a big girl bed.

At least that is what we told her.  You see, her crib is one of the three-in-ones that goes from a crib, to a toddler bed with a small ledge/rail, and finally to a full sized bed.  So she's not entirely in a big girl bed yet--but she will be in the next few months.  We just wanted to get her transitioned to sleeping in something that didn't have four "walls" before we got her into her regular bed.  She's been doing really well too.  She actually did fall out of the bed in the middle of the night (I think it was the third night in the bed?), but she wasn't injured at all.  Startled and irritated for sure, but not injured in the least. 

We actually have a twin mattress bed set and (cute!) twin head board and foot board waiting for her in our garage.  Remember how I've said we save things?--there is a method to our madness, I assure you.  Anyhow, the mattress is all wrapped up nice and snug so it hasn't had a chance to get all nasty sitting in our garage for the last few years.   It's a good thing too that we have saved that bed, because our girl is TALL.  She just had her three year check up and our little love is 3'3" or 39 inches tall.  She has a little ways before she outgrows her current bed entirely--but not much.  So it is definitely good we are transitioning her now. 

My biggest concern was her staying in bed and so far so good.  It hasn't been a problem at all.  We are ten days in and she's been doing really well at staying in bed once put to bed.  I realize that that may change, but for now?  So far, so good.

And Peanut?

She is loving it.  Just ask Grandma and Grandpa.  She was SO excited to tell them "all about it" and that is exactly what she did.

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