Thursday, February 17

Where Do I Start?

The Peanut and I were able to make a short trip to Hometown last week.  We both had tons of fun and Peanut has been coming down off of her GrampaGramma "high" for the last several days.

Hold me.

My parents don't let her run wild by any means, but for some reason she can be SUCH a pill after coming home from their house.  Now I know how my parents felt.  A fellow Grandma my mom ran into at Trader Joe's referred to it as the "GrandpaGrandma Hangover."  I think she hit the nail on the head.

When we first got there, the Peanut was spoiled indulged once again by my parents.  It has gotten to the point where Peanut asks where her pwenants {presents}are and my Mom happily obliges.  It's a little horrifying--not my Mom--but the Peanut expecting that.  How do you tame that beast expectation?  I want the Peanut to love her grandparents because they are her grandparents--not because they give her lots of things.  I know she is still young and we are constantly reminding her that we don't ask someone for presents, but promise me this will take root sooner rather than later?

On a lighter note, my mom scored a winter coat for next year.  It is a Columbia Sportsware coat--regular price $120 and my mom snagged it for around $20.  What a deal!  And can you believe that someone would actually pay $120 for a coat for a small child who most likely only wear the coat one season?  That's just insane!  Thanks, Mom--that was a fabulous deal!

The Peanut got to have all sorts of fun with Grandma and Grandpa.  She got to make homemade marshmallows (for hot chocolate) and coconut cream cupcakes with Grandma.  She had some fun walks and got to play with the neighbor kids next door and she spent lots of time with Grandma on her iPad doing those puzzles like Auntie has on hers.

Between Grandma's park (their big back yard), my parents Lab, Grandma's cooking activities, and the kids across the street--Peanut was never lacking for things to entertain her!

I also got to help my mom make an amazing white lasagna (recipe to come!) and those coconut cream cupcakes.


My parents also had the whole extended family over and Peanut got to play with my cousin's little girl.  I think that would make her Peanut's second cousin?  Cousin--that's just easier.

We had a yummy brunch with the family and the dogs waited patiently for their share of the ham.

Can I just share what a good dog my parents Lab is?  She is just so wonderful with Peanut.  I don't let Peanut be mean to her by any stretch, but the Peanut is two and a half and is probably a little rougher with Jet than Jet is used to....and Jet is SO patient with her.  I probably dote over Jet's sweet personality more than necessary, but my parents previous dog--well, he was a little devil--and that's being kind.  A Cocker Spaniel/Welsh Corgi mix makes for a very temperamental dog.  My parents loved that dog, but I firmly believe it was in God's hands that he passed prior to the Peanut joining our lives.  He just wasn't a "kid" dog like Jet is.

My mom also colored my grays which seem to be mutiplying rather quickly, although my Mom swears it isn't as bad as I say.

She's just being nice.

The Peanut also had lots of fun bath time with her new bath dolly Grandma found for her.  Peanut is such a good "mommy" and cleans the dolly really well, full body submersion in the water and all.

I'll explain that that's child endangerment to her later. 

The Peanut slept really well after the fun she had each day.

She was just plum tuckered out from all the fun. 

Me too. 


Katie said...

Looks like you had a fun trip. Your coconut cupcakes look soo good! I've been having serious coconut cravings lately, maybe I'll have to find time this weekend to make some coconut cupcakes :)

Kat said...

Oh, I just love your photos of visiting family! Wonderful little story. I like your updated header too. Now, I'll check out the meatballs. xoxo


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