Sunday, April 11

Menu Plan Monday

Gosh, I am so bad, I didn't even get up my plan last week...and I did have one.  Really.  Just with my parents surprise visit and then wanting to get up my Easter recap post, it would have been Tuesday and that's not really fitting for Menu Plan Monday, right?  We had several dishes last week that included the leftover ham and I still have enough ham leftover for probably about five more meals, so that's in the freezer and will come out over the next few weeks.  For this week,

Sunday-Buffalo Chicken Calzone with Blue Cheese Dipping Sauce (I am kinda making my own take on this recipe), Green Salad

Monday-Red Beans & Rice with Ground Beef, Green Beans

Tuesday-Pulled Pork Fajitas, Spanish Rice

Wednesday-Enchiladas with homemade sauce, Black Beans

Thursday-Lentil Soup w/ ham, Cornbread


Saturday-Pizza with homemade crust and sauce, Green Salad

For other great menus, visit the Organizing Junkie.  

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