Thursday, April 15

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Our little Peanut is growing right before our very eyes.  Before you think duh--what I mean is she is observing every. little. thing we do.

Of course parents are always cautious of what they say around little ones.  Well, at least other, good parents are.  I said "oh, c*r*a*p" several weeks ago--and I promise, it was "oh c*r*a*p"--not that this justified, but it's a lot milder than other exclaims in frustration.   Anyhow, she said it right after I did.   It was more like "cap" than "c*r*a*p." 

Nice, Jackie.  Way to be mom of the year!

All that said, not only do they absorb everything you say, but they watch everything you do.  On Monday I was getting ready to take Peanut to the park.  I got her shoes and coat on and grabbed my keys and put them in my pocket, put my purse over my wrist (I can't put it over my shoulder when I carry her because as I lean down, the purse falls forward off my shoulder and it drives me nuts...but anyhow) and I bent down to pick her up.  She runs towards her toy basket and grabs her little cloth nativity box that is a perfect "purse" size for her and puts it over her wrist and looks up at me and says "Go!"  She had her purse and was ready to go too.

Aw, shucks.  I just stood there and stared--and then smiled and grabbed my camera like any good blogger would.  My goodness, I thought, she does watch everything I do. 

She thought Daddy's shoes were a great deal of fun the other night...

She has also taken to lining up her stuffed animals and putting them to bed.  And if she is so inclined, she lays down with them and looks up at me and says "Nigh, nigh."

And in other news, she has figured out how to take off her clothes--at least pants with elastic waist bands.  Play time often looks like this~

I am sure every parent on the planet says this, but she really, constantly, amazes me.


Janine said...

I love this post...she's so sweet! It really takes me back to when my girls were that little *sigh* I remember all of it like it was yesterday. Enjoy every minute...I'm so thankful I've always been home with mine and haven't missed a thing! Enjoy! She's beautiful!

Musings of a Housewife said...

She is SO cute. Love the one of her in the sneakers. :=)


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