Tuesday, April 6

Easter Weekend

Whew!  My Mom and Dad planned a surprise visit up here this last weekend.  I got a surprise knock at the door on Friday afternoon--I was sooo excited!  It was a wonderful jam-packed weekend with many activities planned by my Mom.  My husband always says that my Mom never does anything half way.  And this weekend did not disappoint.  I am still processing it all.

It was a weekend I'll never forget.  And I've the got the pictures to prove it. Which is why this post is a little late.

When they first arrived, Grandma surprised Peanut with a slew of new books and a new toy--and so many new outfits it would put Paris Hilton to shame. In addition, Peanut also got some new swimsuits--complete with matching cover-ups and water socks.  And my Mom knows me so well, all swimsuits were entirely appropriate for an 18 month old--explain to me why a child would need big gaping holes in their suit?  I mean, call me a prude, but I think teaching a certain level of modesty starts a young age.  If you let a little girl wear something like that at 18 months, what will they want to wear when it really matters?  I just don't find it necessary to sexualize our little girls.  Anyways--all that to say, the suits were darling and entirely appropriate for a little girl. 

In addition to the new clothes and toys and books, also in Grandma's sleigh Suburban were egg dying kits, flowers to plant with Peanut and supplies to decorate cookies.  And some goodies for me and DH as well.

We started bright and early Saturday morning boiling eggs and making the customary trip to Costco when they come to town.  We prepared some of the food for Sunday's meal and started the egg dying process.  

Of course I had no newspapers so my ever creative mom determined we should lie down some plastic wrap on the table with some old rags on top, so we didn't damage my special table

Most of these projects were done by me and my mom, bringing in the Peanut for a photo op at the end.  I
think she will be more able to participate in these activities next year.

After the eggs, we started on the cookies.  We made sugar cookies and cut out shapes of daisies, chicks, bunnies and miniature cookies that were just right for Peanut. 

She stole only a few bites of the dough.  Once she figured that out, it would have been handfuls as opposed to nibbles, so she was whisked away by Grandpa. 

We decorated the cookies using the flooding technique.  That will be covered in a whole. other. post.

Peanut also had lots of time to snuggle with her Skipper. 

Grandma brought some flowers to plant and Peanut did participate in this more than the other activities.  Some potting soil was spilled in the process and Peanut did her best to try and pick it up.

I even let the Peanut get some dirt on her hands.  I tried not to hyperventilate

She was entirely pleased with herself when she figured out how to help Grandma water the plants.

Unfortunately we didn't make it to church.  Since moving here we haven't found a church--well, truth be told, we haven't even started looking.  DH works every Sunday and I am paranoid about putting Peanut in the nursery and I don't think it's right to have her in church with us distracting everyone around us.  So...that's where we are at.   On Sunday morning, DH did read aloud to us the account of Jesus' last days and His resurrection from the book of Luke.  It was a good reminder to us all, even if we weren't hearing it in a church setting. 

That afternoon we made a trip to the park, so we could show my Mom and Dad Peanut's stomping grounds.  Peanut sure does love getting to get out and run around.  Especially when Grandma and Grandpa are there.

Grandpa played a trick on Peanut, which she thought was pretty funny.


Unfortunately, Peanut couldn't sit still for photos with Grandpa and Grandma.

When we got home, Grandma hid some eggs and Peanut had her own Easter egg hunt.  She picked up on the looking for eggs and depositing coins in her bank very quickly.  And she was quite pleased with herself once again.

We ate dinner and then we watched The Blind Side later that evening.   (Good movie, by the way, and I don't even like football.) And then enjoyed some amazing dessert.

Peanut didn't sleep too well with Grandma and Grandpa here (I think it's because she knows they are here).  After my Mom and Dad went home, we took a three hour nap together yesterday afternoon--we were both tired.  She then slept for a solid nine hours last night.

As always it was a wonderful time, although too fast.  We sure do miss them something terrible.

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Lucy Marie said...

This is so sweet. It makes me look forward to the days that my babe will get to spend with his/her grandparents. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.


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