Sunday, September 14

Surprise Visit

We had a surprise visitor this last week.

Well, "we" technically didn't, my parents did.  My sister was able to visit for the Peanut's birthday!  She hasn't been home in nearly two years and her sweet husband made all the arrangements so she could make a visit home.  It was such a special treat!  

They are hoping to move home next spring {sound familiar?} and we are praying that that be the case.  It was such a fun visit for the whole family.  It was super good times and super good food (thanks, Mom!). 

She got to love on my kids, so that was extra special as well.  We miss them so, and my kids miss their auntie and uncle so, so much! 

I am very hopeful that we are all blessed with their opportunity to move home in the next six {or so??!?} months.

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