Thursday, September 11

Girly Pirate Birthday!

Yep, because that's my girl.  She's the girl who would gladly play in the dirt.....while in dress up heals and a princess dress.  She's a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll.  And while I don't love having to stain treat her clothes, I LOVE that she is her own person.

Except when it comes to minding her mommy and daddy, then I want the perfect little soldier.  

But I digress.....

I gave her a couple different party ideas earlier this spring and she landed on the pirate theme.  I may have even done several different design boards for the party theme suggestions.  You know, so she could make a fully informed decision.  Ahem.

I know, I know, who does that, right?

Her only request with this party?  She wanted a piñata.  Because nothing says pirate party theme like piñata.  I guess we'll get to appropriate entertainment for corresponding party themes next year.

Honestly, though, I can't complain, because the Peanut is pretty easy to please.

And thanks to Oriental Trading (not an affiliate link), they have any and all pirate wares available.

Even treasure chest piñatas.

Once again it was a HOT day for the day of the party.  Topping out at a whopping 96 degrees!!!  But at least it's didn't rain, right?  Thanks to my parent's pool, some shady trees, and a killer mister fan, I think most guests stayed somewhat comfortable.

My dear sweet husband made my request of making a treasure map into a reality.  He stayed up late on more than one occasion {during his vacation!} to get it all done.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.

The kids had to complete a treasure hunt with different riddles leading them from clue to clue, which finally led them to their pirate gear/gift bags.

I also learned my lesson from the puppy party and the cupcakes DID NOT get covered in the refrigerator--and the result?  The pretty sugar balls held up beautifully, as did the tasty cream cheese frosting. 


 I think our favorite little pirate had a great time!!!


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