Wednesday, September 10

Fading Into the Sunset

Straight out of camera
With school starting, it feels like summer is over. But according to the almanac, we have 13 official days left and with the 10 day forecast including several 90 degree days this weekend, I know summer will be going out with a bang.

I took this on the way home from my parents the other night.  This photo doesn't even do the sunset justice, as the colors were WAY more vibrant than this shows.  I was in the passengers seat and my camera was in the back of the car.  I asked the Hubs to stop so I could get out the camera and take a picture of said sunset. 

Adjusted lighting curves in PS CS5
So he did. 

In the middle of the road.  

Even as I was adjusting the settings on my camera, a car slowed down behind us and I waived them on, showing them my camera.  They just gave a big smile as they passed us and drove on. 

Have I mentioned I love small town living??!?

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