Monday, August 27


Our little guy ain't so little any more.

Um, yeah.  Like his sweet little second chin wasn't any indication.  Anyhow, at his last doctor's appointment he weighed in at 15 lbs. 1 oz.

I know.

I love this little photo of the two of them.....I just wish it had turned out more clear.
There are no words.  Well, except for this: 

We grow 'em big, alright? 

(For the record, Peanut was the same way--she nearly doubled her birth weight by her two month appointment too.  And now she's a rail and her pants are constantly falling off.  Not all the way off, but you know what I mean.)  Good thing I like love chubby babies.  'Cause this is my second.   And he is just so stinkin' cute. 

Doesn't this photo just make you smile? 


1 comment:

Meyser said...

Not only smile... melt too!!
Those are two beautiful children you have there!


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